tear ▓of joy to the eye and a bit of drool to the chin. PoloPolo (the cooking mater

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s mainly m▓utto

n, carrot, oil and rice) i

d age. No medicine can help him. Later, he▓ cooked a meal for himself and ate it two times a day. Half a month later, he recovered. His neighbors w

s one of the local f

as amazed by the fact and asked him about it. He told the secret to ▓them and the recipe was passed around. That鈥檚 is polo t▓oday.Thin-wrapper steamed

lavors of the Uyghur,

stuffed bun (Pitimantuo in Uyghur)It is a kind of steamed bun having mutton and onion as fillings. It is so-called because its

Uzbeks, etc. with which 

wrapper is as thin as a piece of paper. First chop the mutton, beef and sheep鈥檚-tail fat into small cubes. Add chopped onions, salt and pepper

to entertain their g

to make the stuffing. Wrap the stuffing in dough▓, and put in bamboo steamer to cook for 20▓ minutes. The steamed buns are thin-skinned, wi▓th tender

uests. On festive occasi

meat stuffing and very delicio▓us. The Uygurs often eat these together with nang (crusty pa▓ncakes) and rice to be eaten with the

ons or a▓t the wedd

ing breakfast, polo is i

hands.Lamian Noodles (Pulled Noodles)Lamian noodles, ▓known in Chinese as Lamian or Lamiantiao are popular with many ethnic groups in Xinjiang and the rest


of China. The noodles are pliable and tough, smooth and delicious. The name 鈥橪amian鈥?means 鈥檖ulled noodles鈥? The noodle dough is pulled in a special 

for treatin

is laid. The host

e t▓his. It is said that more that one thousands years ago, a doctor named Abuduaili was in poor health in h▓is ol
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